Essential Tools for Homesteading: A Comprehensive Guide

Embarking on a homesteading journey is no small feat, especially when you’re unsure about the tools and supplies that pave the path to success. I understand this feeling all too well as it mirrors my own experience; years of learning through trial and error combined with thorough research.

To simplify your transition into this lifestyle, I’ve put together an ultimate guide filled with essential resources. This comprehensive manual covers everything from hefty power tools like chainsaws to invaluable off-grid essentials such as solar power equipment.

Ready to start your adventure? Let’s unravel the complexities of homesteading together!

Key Takeaways

  • Chainsaws are a must – have power tool for homesteading, as they can quickly cut firewood and clear trees from the land.
  • Pressure washers are essential for cleaning surfaces like driveways and decks, saving time and effort compared to traditional cleaning methods.
  • Hand tools like shovels, rakes, pruning shears, mattocks, and brush hooks are necessary for tasks such as digging, maintaining plants, breaking up hard ground, and clearing vegetation on the homestead.
  • Tools for building and land development include broadforks for improving soil health and tractors for various agricultural tasks. Other important tools include wheelbarrows for moving heavy items and compost thermometers to monitor temperature during composting.

Power Tools for Homesteading

When it comes to homesteading, having the right power tools can make all the difference in your efficiency and productivity.


A chainsaw is a must for my homestead. I use it to cut firewood and clear trees from the land. It’s strong, fast, and does a job that would take much longer by hand. With it, I can make paths or open up fields in less time.

But it needs care too! I keep the chain sharp so every cut is easy and safe. The chainsaw saves me hours of hard work each day on the farm.

Pressure washer

One of the essential power tools for homesteading is a pressure washer. This tool uses high-pressure water to clean various surfaces around the homestead, such as driveways, decks, and vehicles.

A pressure washer can effectively remove dirt, grime, and even stubborn stains with ease. It is especially useful for cleaning large areas quickly and efficiently. With its powerful stream of water, a pressure washer can save you time and effort compared to using traditional cleaning methods like scrubbing.

Whether you need to clean outdoor furniture or prepare surfaces for painting, a pressure washer is a versatile tool that can make your homesteading tasks much easier.


Generators are an important tool for homesteading. They provide power when there is no electricity available, which can be especially useful in off-grid living situations. Generators can run on gasoline, propane, or diesel fuel and come in different sizes and capacities.

They can power essential appliances and tools such as refrigerators, freezers, water pumps, lights, and even power tools like chainsaws or pressure washers. Having a generator ensures that you have a reliable source of electricity to meet your needs on the homestead.

It’s important to choose the right size generator based on your power requirements to make sure it can handle the load efficiently.

Hand Tools for Homesteading

Shovels and rakes, pruning shears, mattocks, and brush hooks are essential hand tools for homesteading.

Shovels and rakes

Shovels and rakes are essential hand tools for homesteading. They help with tasks like digging, moving soil, and clearing debris. A sturdy shovel can be used for digging holes to plant trees or vegetables, while a rake is great for leveling soil and removing rocks and leaves.

These tools make it easier to maintain a garden or prepare land for building. With the right shovels and rakes, homesteaders can efficiently tackle their outdoor projects and keep their property tidy.

Pruning shears

Pruning shears are an important tool for homesteading and gardening. They are used to trim, shape, and maintain the health of plants and trees. With their sharp blades, pruning shears can easily cut through branches and stems.

They come in different sizes and styles, including bypass pruners and anvil pruners.

Using pruning shears correctly is essential to prevent damage to plants. It’s important to make clean cuts close to the branch collar or main stem without leaving stubs. Regular pruning helps promote new growth, improves air circulation around plants, prevents disease, and maintains a neat appearance in your garden.


A mattock is another important hand tool for homesteading. It has a sturdy handle and a pick-shaped end with a flat blade on the other side. A mattock can be used for breaking up hard ground, digging holes, removing roots, and chopping through tough materials like clay or compacted soil.

Its versatility makes it an essential tool for various tasks around the homestead.

Brush hook

The brush hook is a handy tool for homesteading. It has a sharp, curved blade that helps to cut through thick vegetation, such as shrubs and branches. The long handle allows for good leverage when using the tool, making it easier to swing and cut through tough plants.

The brush hook is useful for clearing overgrown areas on the homestead or maintaining trails in the woods. With its sturdy construction and sharp blade, the brush hook is a must-have tool for any homesteader looking to tackle heavy-duty vegetation.

Homesteading Tools for Building and Land Development

When it comes to building and developing your homestead, there are a variety of tools that can make the job easier. From broadforks and tractors to compost thermometers and expanding hoses, these essential tools will help you create the sustainable homestead of your dreams.


I love using a broadfork on my homestead. It’s a great tool for breaking up compacted soil and preparing it for planting. The broadfork has long, sturdy tines that you thrust into the ground and then step on to loosen the soil.

This makes it easier for plants to grow their roots deep into the earth. Plus, using a broadfork helps improve drainage and allows nutrients to reach the roots more easily. It’s an essential tool for any homesteader looking to create healthy and productive garden beds.

The broadfork is also great for incorporating compost or other organic matter into the soil. You can use it to lift up layers of mulch or plant residues while maintaining the structure of your soil.

This ensures that your plants have access to vital nutrients as they grow.


A tractor is an essential tool for homesteading. It can help with various tasks, such as plowing the land, towing heavy loads, and mowing fields. With its power and versatility, a tractor makes farming and land development easier and more efficient.

Whether you need to prepare the soil for planting or clear debris from your property, a tractor can handle these jobs effectively. Additionally, tractors often come with attachments like loaders and backhoes, which further expand their capabilities.

Having a reliable tractor on your homestead can save you time and effort in completing agricultural tasks.


A wheelbarrow is a useful tool for homesteading. It has one wheel and two handles to help you move heavy items, like dirt or firewood, around your property. With a wheelbarrow, you can easily transport supplies from one place to another without straining yourself too much.

It’s important to choose a sturdy and durable wheelbarrow that can handle the weight of whatever you need to carry. Having a reliable wheelbarrow will make it easier for you to complete various tasks on your homestead, whether it’s gardening or construction work.

Compost thermometer

When it comes to composting, a compost thermometer is an essential tool for homesteaders. It helps monitor the temperature of your compost pile, which is important for successful decomposition.

The ideal temperature range for efficient composting is between 120 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit (49-71 degrees Celsius). With a compost thermometer, you can easily check if your pile is heating up enough or if it needs adjustments like turning or adding more organic material.

This tool ensures that your composting process is happening properly, resulting in nutrient-rich soil for your garden.

Instant change spigots

Instant change spigots are an essential tool for homesteading because they make watering plants and animals so much easier. With instant change spigots, you can quickly switch between different hoses and water sources without having to unscrew anything.

This saves a lot of time and effort, especially when you have multiple areas or gardens that need watering. These spigots also help conserve water because you can easily shut off the flow when you’re done, preventing any wastage.

Overall, instant change spigots are a convenient tool that every homesteader should have in their toolkit.

Expanding hoses

Expanding hoses are a useful tool for homesteading because they can save space and make watering plants easier. These hoses start off small and compact but expand when water is turned on, reaching lengths of up to 50 feet.

They are lightweight, flexible, and tangle-free, making them convenient to use around the homestead. Expanding hoses are also durable and resistant to kinks or leaks. Their compact design allows for easy storage when not in use.

With an expanding hose, you can effectively water your garden or livestock without the hassle of dragging around heavy traditional hoses or dealing with knots and tangles.

Essential Tools for Off-Grid Living

In off-grid living, essential tools include solar power equipment, propane torches, speed planter tools, automatic chicken openers, and various livestock supplies.

Solar power

Solar power is an essential tool for homesteading. It allows you to harness the energy of the sun to generate electricity and power your appliances and devices. Solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into usable energy, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly option for off-grid living.

With solar power, you can reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources and save money on utility bills. It’s a reliable source of clean energy that works well in remote locations without access to electrical grids.

By investing in solar power tools, you can embrace self-sufficiency and contribute to a greener future.

Propane torch

A propane torch is an essential tool for homesteading. It is a handheld device that uses propane gas to produce a hot flame. This versatile tool can be used for various tasks around the homestead, making it a valuable addition to your toolbox.

With a propane torch, you can easily start fires, control weeds, thaw frozen pipes, remove paint or adhesive, and even do light welding or soldering. Its portability and ease of use make it convenient for outdoor projects where access to electricity may be limited.

Whether you need to heat something up or melt away unwanted materials, a propane torch is a reliable and efficient tool that every homesteader should have on hand.

Speed planter tool

The speed planter tool is an essential tool for homesteading. It allows you to quickly and efficiently plant seeds in your garden or farm. This tool helps save time and effort, making the process of planting much easier.

Simply load the seeds into the planter and push it along the prepared soil, creating evenly spaced holes for your plants. The speed planter is a handy tool for any homesteader looking to streamline their gardening tasks and achieve successful plant growth.

Automatic chicken opener

An automatic chicken opener is a handy tool for homesteaders who raise chickens. It helps to automate the process of opening and closing the chicken coop door, saving time and effort.

With an automatic chicken opener, you don’t have to worry about manually opening or closing the coop door every morning and evening. This tool ensures that your chickens can go out during the day and return to safety at night without any hassle.

It provides convenience and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other tasks on your homestead.

Livestock supplies

For homesteaders with livestock, having the right supplies is crucial for caring for their animals. Some essential livestock supplies include feeders and waterers to ensure a steady supply of food and clean water, as well as durable fencing materials like electric wire or panels to create secure enclosures.

Livestock also require shelter such as barns or chicken coops to protect them from the elements. Additionally, medical supplies like bandages, antiseptic ointments, and vaccines are necessary for treating any injuries or preventing diseases among the animals.

It’s important to have these supplies on hand to keep livestock healthy and thriving on the homestead.

Plastic storage bins and 5-gallon buckets

Plastic storage bins and 5-gallon buckets are essential tools for homesteading. They provide convenient and organized storage for various items on the homestead. Plastic storage bins can be used to store food, seeds, and tools, keeping them safe from pests and moisture.

5-gallon buckets are versatile and can be used for many purposes like carrying water or feed for animals, collecting harvest from the garden, or even as a makeshift stool or seat while working.

These containers are durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for the rugged demands of homesteading life. With plastic storage bins and 5-gallon buckets, you can keep your supplies neatly stored away and easily accessible when needed.

Kitchen Gadgets and Equipment for Homesteading

Discover the must-have tools for a fully functional and efficient kitchen on your homestead. From fruit harvesters to canning supplies, these gadgets will make your life easier and more enjoyable in the heart of your home.

Read on to find out more!

Fruit harvester

When it comes to homesteading, having a fruit harvester can be incredibly useful. This tool allows you to easily and efficiently pick fruits from trees without the need for a ladder or climbing.

With a fruit harvester, you can safely reach high branches and gather your harvest without causing any damage to the tree or risk injury. It’s an essential tool for anyone with fruit trees on their homestead, making harvesting easier and more efficient.

Whether you have apples, pears, or cherries, a fruit harvester will save you time and effort when it comes to collecting delicious homegrown fruits straight from your own trees.

Good hoe

A good hoe is an essential tool for any homesteader. It is used for breaking up soil, removing weeds, and cultivating the garden. With a sturdy handle and a sharp, flat blade, a good hoe makes it easier to maintain your garden beds and keep them healthy.

Whether you’re starting a new garden or maintaining an existing one, a good hoe will be your go-to tool for keeping the soil in great shape. Plus, it can help save time and effort by making tasks like weeding much quicker and more efficient.

So don’t forget to add a high-quality hoe to your list of essential homesteading tools!

Lehman’s Maine Garden HOD

I love using Lehman’s Maine Garden HOD for my homesteading tasks. It’s a versatile tool that helps me with various gardening and landscaping chores. The HOD has a sturdy wooden handle that provides a comfortable grip, making it easy to maneuver.

With its sharp blade on one side and teeth on the other, I can dig up soil, break up clumps, and remove weeds effortlessly. This tool is built to last and withstand heavy-duty use, which is perfect for the demanding tasks of homesteading.

Whether I’m preparing garden beds or clearing brush, Lehman’s Maine Garden HOD is an essential tool that makes my homesteading experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Floor sweeper and upright dustpan

The floor sweeper and upright dustpan are essential tools for keeping the floors of your homestead clean. They make it easy to quickly sweep up dirt, debris, and small messes without having to bend down or use a traditional broom and dustpan.

The floor sweeper has bristles that effectively capture the dirt and debris as you push it across the floor. Then, you can use the upright dustpan to easily collect everything into one place without needing to crouch down.

It’s a convenient tool for maintaining cleanliness in your living space, especially if you have children or pets who tend to track in dirt frequently.

Lehman’s amish-made garden hoe

Lehman’s amish-made garden hoe is an essential tool for homesteading and gardening. It is a sturdy and durable tool that can withstand heavy use. The sharp blade of the hoe makes it easy to break up soil, remove weeds, and create furrows for planting seeds.

The long handle provides leverage and makes it comfortable to use. With the Lehman’s amish-made garden hoe, I can easily maintain my garden and keep it healthy. It is a reliable tool that helps me complete gardening tasks efficiently without straining my back or arms.

Lehman’s bushel basket

Lehman’s bushel basket is an essential tool for homesteading. This sturdy basket is perfect for gathering and carrying fruits, vegetables, or other harvests from your garden. It has a large capacity, allowing you to transport bulk quantities of produce easily.

The durable construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use and heavy loads. With Lehman’s bushel basket, you can conveniently carry your harvest to the kitchen or storage area without any hassle.

It’s a practical tool that makes homesteading tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Plus, its traditional design adds a charming touch to your farmstead aesthetic.


In conclusion, having the essential tools for homesteading is crucial for success. Whether it’s power tools like chainsaws and pressure washers or hand tools like shovels and pruning shears, these tools make tasks easier and more efficient.

From building and land development to off-grid living and gardening, having the right tools can make all the difference in creating a sustainable and self-sufficient homestead. So be sure to stock up on these necessary supplies before embarking on your homesteading journey!


1. What are essential tools for homesteading?

Essential tools for homesteading include building tools, land development supplies, gardening equipment, composting tools, and off-grid living supplies.

2. Do I need special clothing for homesteading?

Yes! Clothing suited to outdoor tasks is a key part of your Homestead supplies. They will help keep you warm and safe while working.

3. Are there specific tools needed for an off-grid lifestyle?

Absolutely! Off-grid tools like solar technology are crucial to maintain self-sufficiency in your homestead.

4. How can sustainability be achieved on the homestead?

Sustainability on a homestead comes from using things like composting tools and fruit picking equipment properly along with other gardening practices.

5. Can kitchen items be part of my essential tool list?

Yes they can! Items such as the stovetop cast iron waffle maker or canning bands are critical items under Homesteading Equipment.

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