I am originally from Michigan where my family has a farm. Currently, I live in South Florida and I have a small backyard farm. During the day I run a digital marketing company, but

Our interest in homesteading began at an early age as I grew up with many farms around us.  Some people like the city and shopping, for me it was always being in the country. My wife has been surprised by my interest in homesteading but has been very supportive.

About two years ago, we bought a house with an acre lot to start growing stuff. The idea was to learn about farming and then buy a larger farm that we could scale. My goal was to make a little bit of money while providing for my family.

Although I have had many failed starts, I finally feel like I am getting to understand what I need to do and what God is calling me to do. I don’t pretend to be an expert or anything. I am just a man trying to follow my heart and learn.

Like many people, I have been networking and researching stuff online. Through these wonderful people, we learned much about homesteading, self-reliance, and simplicity and began our own journey in that direction.  It’s been a rough journey, with challenges we never expected.  Progress has been painfully slow, and sometimes we seem to be moving backward.  But, it’s the right way to go.

One of the most unexpected benefits of the trip has been a deeper understanding of God and the Bible.  When you get your hands in the dirt, when you break up new ground for a planting bed, when you cultivate and weed it, when you observe God’s way of growing food vs. man’s perverted way, when you see that God’s way is for one generation of plants to give their lives to become the soil (literally) that the new generation grows in, unexpected subtleties in God’s Word begin to emerge and many of Jesus’ teachings take on a richer meaning.

The greatest lesson has been to learn how to not be discouraged.  We have had such dreams — oh such dreams! — of where we wanted to “be” by now, and none of them have been realized.  But, we keep trying and working, and therein lies the joy and the education.

I have created this site to begin putting some of my thoughts out there as a means of encouraging others who are walking the same path.

We are not far along the homesteading journey, so I can’t offer any deep wisdom.  But, there is one thing I can offer to those who are starting out, or who are frustrated with their progress:  Baby steps.  Take it a little at a time.  A bunch of little steps will allow you to better keep your balance and learn as you go, while big, sudden steps may find you stumbling off-balance or in over your head.

I would love to hear about your own thoughts and experiences.

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