Welcome to Christian Homesteading! I am a Christian homesteader in South Florida that is learning and trying to grow my faith, family, and farm. I am not an expert but want to share my experiences and tips along the way.

We believe the Bible provides answers to living, and that Christian homesteaders need a place where they can share ideas with other believers and get encouraged. The goal of this site is to help others and build an online community for others to connect to.

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What is “Christian” homesteading?

There are many Christians who practice the homestead lifestyle. Homesteading is compatible with biblical principles such as simplicity, thriftily, generosity, and simple living. The Christian homesteader must depend on God, but also use the wisdom He provides in the form of other people and resources.

The Christian perspective on homesteading is often overshadowed in the minds of socialists, pagans, and New Age thinkers. We believe the Bible provides answers to living, and that Christian homesteading can help families solve a problem faced by all families around the globe: how to work with God while He provides shelter, food, and sanitation.

“What Is Homesteading?”

Many things are associated with “homesteading”. If the homesteader could build a house on the 160 acres and live there for five years, the Homestead Act gave him 160 acres. This is how the West was founded. The government won’t give away more land. Homesteaders today pay for their land, and they share many of the following characteristics:

  • They live mostly in the countryside, but there are also urban homesteaders.
  • Some of their food is grown by them.
  • They are financially responsible.
  • They homeschool their kids.
  • They are open to new energy sources like solar and wind power.
  • They rely less on government and more on themselves.
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