Lisa’s Family Transforms Life from City to Homestead, Inspiring Thousands Online

Missouri, USA – Lisa, a mother of eight and the creative force behind the popular YouTube channel “Farmhouse on Boone,” has led her family on a transformative journey from city living to establishing a thriving homestead in rural Missouri. This inspiring story of change and resilience is capturing the hearts of thousands across social media platforms and through their blog.

A Dream Realized: From Urban Life to Rural Homestead

Lisa and her husband, Luke, initially settled into married life in a charming city bungalow. However, their aspirations for more space and a deeper connection with nature drove them to seek a different lifestyle. Their search culminated in acquiring a 7-acre homestead, marking a significant shift from their urban roots to a more rural, self-sufficient way of life.

Cultivating a Family Business Amidst Nature

The move to the countryside was just the beginning. Lisa and her family have since developed a sustainable business model that encompasses their YouTube channel “Farmhouse on Boone,” a blog (, and a podcast. This venture supports their homesteading lifestyle and has become a full-time endeavor, blending family life, work, and education seamlessly.

Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Homesteading Successes

Adapting to homestead life brought its share of challenges for Lisa and her family. The family has navigated various obstacles from extensive property renovations to managing a diverse range of farm animals. Additionally, they have embraced the complexities of homeschooling and running an online business. Despite these challenges, they have found unique joy and accomplishment in their new way of life.

Inspiring a Generation Through Social Media and Blogging

Lisa’s journey and experiences have struck a chord with many, particularly younger homemakers and families aspiring to a similar lifestyle. Through her YouTube channel, Facebook page (, and blog, Lisa offers valuable insights, tips, and inspiration to those drawn to homesteading and sustainable living.

Looking Ahead with Gratitude and a Focus on Simplicity

As they plan for the future, Lisa and her family emphasize the importance of contentment and enjoying the simple pleasures of homestead life. They advocate for balancing entrepreneurial ambitions with the tranquility and fulfillment of rural living. Their story is a powerful example of the possible lifestyle changes when families pursue their dreams away from the hustle of city life.

Lisa’s family’s journey from city to country living exemplifies the growing interest in homesteading and sustainable living. Their story inspires and encourages others to explore alternative lifestyles for a more connected and fulfilling family life.

To learn more about Lisa and her family’s journey, visit their YouTube channel, “Farmhouse on Boone,” follow them on Facebook at, or explore their blog at

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