How to Start Prepping – 5 Tips For Beginners

I don’t think you’re alone. If you’re new to prepping, not at all. That has to be the number one comment we receive from viewers is that someone is brand new to prepping.

So starting with prepping, you had to take your first steps, but more importantly, you have to be very smart about your first steps. So here you go. Here are some of the first steps. MoneySmart first thing I have to stress and I can’t stress this enough. Do not put yourself into debt or into deeper debt to buy things for prepping.

Don’t do it. It’s a very easy trap to fall into. And I know I get it. Things are very scary right now. We’re living in scary times, but you putting yourself into further debt. It’s going to make things even worse for you. And I know I’ve been there before in your mind, too. You’re thinking if I don’t buy this item, I’m going to die in the future.

You’re not going to die eventually all die, but not yet. We all got not because of this one item. Oh, hopefully, guys. And if you have extra money, just be smart with how you spend it. It’s very important. Yeah. Do planning, you know, try to figure out what you need and make a plan for it. Don’t simply just again, panic buying is something we never stress on this channel.

Just relax, prepare. So you don’t live in fear, but don’t do panic buying that’s living in fear. Don’t. Make lists lots and lots of lists. I cannot express that enough lists are so important. You can watch many of our other videos and they will help you out in the list. You guys can write it on paper, you can do it on computers, use a washi tape and sharpies like I love to do get creative with them.

Yeah. And then from the list, then you prioritize and buy what you need to, and for the fact that if you make the list, it also helps. So you won’t panic because if you go to the store and they have 12 cans of. Who doesn’t love delicious corn? You’re going to just buy it. But if it’s not under the list, you’re actually much less tempted to buy it.

Not to mention if you actually need to buy something that actually costs more money than just food, your list helps you actually make a plan, possibly buying it on a sale on clearance off of eBay Craigslist. If you still use Craigslist, probably don’t buy corn off. People do, or how about you being, I dunno, you baked corn.

Also, you can get Facebook marketplace naturally talk about food, although who knows, you might find that Facebook marketplace. So what’d you, do you find anything there, but if you actually have your lists set up, you’ll know exactly what you buy and you can actually put your priorities as far as what you need to buy and then find the best price for it.

Best price, prepare a store. Now you’ll want to do this ahead of time. You are going to want to find a place where you’re going to keep all your stuff. It’s going to be under the bed, maybe an empty closet, somewhere in the basement, but you need to guess what size and how much you can buy in that area.

Yeah. And it grilled a quick, funny story. When he first started prepping years and years ago. We only have so much room in her house. It was a small house. So I actually built a bed. I built a frame for it and it was high. So tons of tubs could fit underneath the bed. You actually had to get on steps to get up in the bed.

It was so high, but it worked. We prepared with a lot of stores that way. Other options, obviously, if you have them as a base crawlspace. But back in the day, people used to bury stuff and I’m not saying don’t do that either. You know, I would probably put it in a tub before you bury it, but trying to find places anywhere you possibly can for storage is the key.

But the key is to have your storage first, before you even start buying a single item, you know where to put it. Yeah. And then lastly, you have to account for pests, bugs, mice, but you know, we love. But sit in mice. I don’t know why they loved it, but there’s nothing worse than you spell as time and money into buying some food.

Yeah. And the mice get those walnuts that they, like, we lost walnuts to them, or so we ate the mice. We didn’t discuss them. Prioritize. Every family is different. Some families that may have little children may need formula or diapers and wipes, whereas if you’re older, maybe you’ll need depends or insurance for that.

Every family is different. And also depends on where you live too. If you live in an apartment, you’re not going to be buying massive bulk things for your house. If you live out in the country, you have to take into account other things. So make sure again, it goes back to the. But prioritize those lists. So, you know exactly what’s best for your situation because you don’t wanna make it.

So you’re going to get caught with too many items or the wrong items in your house. You need to really think about it and be smart prep and stages. Not everybody is on the same level or the same stage of prepping by any means. A particular video is devoted to somebody just getting into it. But owner preppers, watch this and I’m sure they’ll glean information too.

You’ll never know everything you’re supposed to know for prepping, but stages are actually the most important part in my opinion because it gives you short attainable goals rather than simply just filling your house up full of stuff. Let me show you began by stockpiling three days of food and water.

Think of breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day. Think of water a gallon a day. And it’s pretty easy to get started from there. Next prepare for two weeks enough food to get you through 14 gallons of water. Again, one per person per day. Next stage plan for a month now considered bulk food. It’s such a long time considering a variety of foods.

It makes it so it’s not so boring, but always only get food. You like 30 gallons of water. Now, six months to two years, we’re talking about lots and lots of long-term storage of. Lots of bulk food. And at this point, you’re not stuck probably water, but now you need to have a water source other than your storage.

Finally, long-term considered long-term survival rather than just stockpiling protection sustainability. And self-reliant at this point, it’s a whole new game, a whole new strategy to think. There you go there, your five steps and help you prepare. Yeah. Getting ready and doing it the smart way, thinking about it and not getting completely scared, and do panic buying.

What else would you add to this list? I’m sure. Some things more of the veteran preppers can actually add to this or take away or change by all means. Put them in the comments below and let’s get a discussion. Thanks for watching or following along and watching us and check out this next video.

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