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The Journey of Building a Cedar Creek Homestead from Scratch

Are you dreaming of starting a homestead from scratch, but feel unsure about where to begin? You’re not alone. This blog post chronicles an incredible journey of building a Cedar Creek Homestead in Saint Matthews, SC.

You’ll find inspiration through overcoming challenges, achievements made along the way, and even step-by-step instructions on how to build your own cedar hot tub! Are you ready for an adventure?.

Key Takeaways

  • Building a Cedar Creek Homestead from scratch is challenging but rewarding, requiring hard work, determination, and faith-based values.
  • Overcoming obstacles such as clearing land, setting up utilities, and adapting to rural living is part of the journey.
  • The Cedar Creek Homestead has achieved accomplishments in gardening, farming, ranching, hunting,and fishing while embracing sustainability and DIY methods.

The Journey of Building a Cedar Creek Homestead from Scratch

Building a Cedar Creek Homestead from scratch was an exciting and challenging journey that required overcoming numerous obstacles along the way.

Starting from scratch

Building a Cedar Creek Homestead was not easy. It started with a bare piece of ground in Saint Matthews, SC. Nothing was there but dirt and space. The person behind this idea had run another blog before named Ponytails & Cow Trails.

She used that experience here too. Just like building anything else, you start with what you have at hand, faith being the cornerstone here because it’s Christian based. Bit by bit, the empty lot changed into something new – into a homestead where now many things happen from gardening to farming and even hunting or fishing!

Overcoming challenges

Building a Cedar Creek Homestead from scratch comes with its fair share of challenges. From clearing the land to constructing buildings, it requires hard work and determination. One of the main challenges faced by the author was starting from scratch with no infrastructure in place.

This meant having to build everything from the ground up, including setting up utilities and creating a functional living space.

Another challenge mentioned in the article is adapting to rural living and self-sufficiency. It takes time to adjust to a lifestyle that involves growing your own food, raising animals, and being completely off-grid.

However, through perseverance and learning from their mistakes, the author was able to overcome these challenges.

Additionally, there were obstacles related to sustainability and maintaining a balance between modern amenities and self-sufficiency. The article mentions how they had to find alternative solutions for water supply during droughts and implement energy-efficient practices.

Accomplishments and progress

The Cedar Creek Homestead has achieved significant accomplishments and made remarkable progress since its inception. The property now boasts a flourishing garden, thriving farm, successful ranching operations, productive hunting expeditions, and fruitful fishing experiences.

Through common sense preparedness and modern homesteading practices, the homestead has embraced sustainability and DIY methods to become self-sufficient. Rural living off-grid has been made possible through their dedication and hard work.

Furthermore, the cedar hot tub they built provides a relaxing oasis amidst their busy lifestyle. Overall, the journey of building this homestead from scratch has yielded impressive results in various aspects of their faith-based endeavor.


In conclusion, building a Cedar Creek homestead from scratch is no easy task. It requires hard work, determination, and a strong faith-based foundation. Despite the challenges along the way, the journey of creating a self-sufficient and sustainable rural living space can be immensely rewarding.


1. What does building a homestead from scratch mean?

Building a homestead from scratch means starting to create your own home and farm on bare land, using common sense preparedness.

2. Can faith play a role in building a Cedar Creek Homestead?

Yes, for some people like those into Christian homesteading, faith can guide the journey of creating an off-grid, self-sufficient lifestyle called faith-based homesteading.

3. Where are good places to build a homestead?

Gore, OK and Saint Matthews are locations where many have found success in homesteading. The location and age of the area can affect how you plan your ranching or farming on a homestead.

4. What activities happen on the Cedar Creek Homestead?

On the Cedar Creek Homestead they do gardening, farming and ranching as well as hunting and fishing for their food supply.

5. Are there any recommended products for someone starting their own homemaking journey?

Yes! Many experienced homebuilders suggest specific tools for different tasks such as hunting gear for hunting or fishing rods when fishing.

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