Walmart Locking Up Steaks Due to Theft

I saw a very shocking video showing Walmart locking up steaks and other meat. My first thought was that this was fake, but unfortunately, it is real. Times are tough and getting tougher for more people.

As a homesteader, I am trying to supplement my family’s grocery bill which has nearly doubled in the last couple of years. My heart goes out to those who can’t afford to buy groceries or those that steal. If you haven’t started, start growing your own food now.

Below is the video from The News Junkie

Welcome to your new dystopian American shopping experience where Walmart steaks are now in cages. What it is you gotta be kidding me. Walmart now has a steak laptop. Holy shit. It’s come to this. This is getting bad. Yeah, this is getting worse. Now, even this guy notices, this is good. We have a stake in a cage.

Because we’ve done such a bad job at prosecuting crimes like theft at grocery stores and different stores around the country. And this store is reportedly from a Florida Walmart. And I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t showing you something that was fake. Like maybe this guy just took us steak and put a cage around it or whatever.

There are other people who are taking photographs of the same exact stint situation. Not only do you see a stake in a cage, here again, this isn’t a Florida, but you see all the other rib-eyes stakes that are all buckled up and tightly ensconced in fencing in a locking mechanism because so many people are stealing this stuff instead of throwing those people in prison.

We are instead saying, Hey, let’s lock everything at the store up. Here’s another store in New York City where they’re dealing with it. This is the popular aisle when it comes to those five-finger discounts, especially with these steaks over here. And they also tell me about the addition of potential security guards.

I look at those free-range stakes, those ones they’re not even in cages at this beautiful place will deter people from. With merchandise locked up on store shelves across the store. Owners are trying to combat shoppers. One of our managers is down in a 24th street store. Ray Acevedo was this guy, John cat, his system cat system.

This guy is right here. He’s actually a bad-ass in New York. He’s getting more and more security. He’s hiring old retired cops and getting more people to go in there and fight this. Retail theft it’s increasing. Despite the fact that a lot of politicians want to tell you, it’s not a big deal. Are these places have insurance for this?

This is nuts. We’ve now come to the point where people are walking, upstate. In stores and that’s fairly wild. The owner of grocery store chain Gristedes says shoplifting is up nearly 50% in even Grossman stocks, the shelves only for them to be swiped, particularly the high-end steaks. Anything that’s about close to $20 a week.

As, I guess they could go outside and sell it on the, on the open market or sell to other, we had a few dollars for, so these people just like everything else that they’re stealing and happens in San Francisco and help it happens elsewhere. This guy knows Steve Grossman. They go in, they steal some stuff, whether it’s a $20 steak or not, they go out, they sell it, they get some Oxy and they go on with her insane days and the world spins round and round until you clamp down on this.

Here’s from Axios today, the retail shoplifting crisis it’s out of control, just out of control. Lisa, the Bruno SVP operations and innovation at the retail industry leaders association tells Axios a lot of the uptick is tied to the ease of reselling stolen goods online. We’ll get to that in just a moment.

And this is important. Plus the fact that consumers are buying more everyday goods online during COVID. We have experienced a three. Hundred percent increase in retail theft from our stores since the pandemic began from CVS and CVS has closed stores, I guess, instead of putting stakes in cages, stakes in cages, that’s the point of this that we’re at.

And now these retailers are trying to push for some help, any help they can get. And so they’re pushing for the informed consumer’s act. What does that mean? Well, it means that online marketplaces will have to verify. High volume, third-party sellers. What does that mean? Exactly. You can see right here, high volume third-party sellers on eBay or Amazon or vendors who have made 200 or more discreet sales in a 12 month period, amounting to $5,000 or more.

They want to verify their name, verify their information and their tax details. So they can put a stop to this because nobody else is happening. Look at this. This is apprehensive. Prosecutions in civil demands. That’s when you send somebody a letter who has shoplifted at your establishment, you can see in 2015, it went from 3,322 apprehensions, and then down and then down and then down and then down.

And now we’re at 500 from 3,322 apprehensions from this national retail security service. That was reported from 3000 out of 500, from 1,934 prosecutions down to 300 from 2,201 civil demands to 42 civil demands from these people. The stores can’t get any help. And it’s an absolute disaster out there, even though some like this writer, Amanda mole on the Atlantic is saying, it’s the great shoplifting freak out.

And we can’t really figure out if this is happening. Yeah. Stuff like this, they just do this, right. They put stakes in cages just because why do you think this is happening? And how do you think we can fix this more importantly? Or is this our dystopian state caged? If that’s the case, what do you think about it?


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