US Domestic Impacts of the Ukraine War – 10 Things To Do Now to Prepare

All the news has been focusing on the Ukraine conflict, but it is really hard to know what is happening or what to do. Here are just a couple of things to think about. As the Ukraine war heats up.

Soaring Prices for Food (Highly Likely)

They are unlikely to fall again. Russia and Ukraine are the top and fifth-largest exporters of wheat. China has been buying more wheat than it can store. Food prices will rise due to shortages of fertilizers, low availability, high input cost, disruption in farming, and the possibility for bad weather (drought or heavy rain) The top exports of Ukraine are steel, coal, and petroleum. The impact of the Ukraine war and the guerrilla phase will be greater the longer they drag on. In other words, inflationary pressure will not abate, no matter what the Fed may say.

Start your gardens TODAY.

Monetary Instability (Likely)

Western leaders seem to be serious about removing Russia SWIFT, an international payment messaging system. If passed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Democrats, the bill would allow the Biden administration the right to include it in any future sanctions.

While some Western countries support this measure, there will be unintended consequences. In 2019, Russia and China officially agreed to collaborate to create their own SWIFT version. This will have significant consequences for the dollar.

Hyperinflation? (Less Likely)

Michael Burry (the man who shorted subprime mortgage-backed security) was a famous character. He also played a major role in the movie The Big Short and predicted that the U.S. would experience hyperinflation. Similar predictions have been made by others, such as Jack Dorsey, Square founder, and Twitter.

But there is a newer prediction. Ben Rickart, who was also part of the Big Short is warning about hyperinflation. Two Big Shorters have advised others to be prepared for hyperinflation.

Nuke War – Potassium Iodide (Unlikely)

Jon Stokes is the man who created the tech website Ars Technica. He shared some good advice.

It’s not like I think we will have a nuclear conflict with Russia or China. Potassium iodide tablets will replace toilet paper if the Americans think we can. These tablets are used to prevent radiological poisoning and are stable. They will last longer than their expiration dates.

10 Things to Start Prepping Today

My wife and I 5years ago that the economic downturn in our country was not the normal ups and downs that we were used to. We realized that it was better to take action than wait for the worst to happen when we witnessed hardworking people losing their homes and jobs.

We should be doing prayer every day, so I didn’t include it on the list. However, now is the time to really try to build a strong relationship with God. Ask for His wisdom.

Another thing I think we should all be doing is building stronger relationships with family and friends. Too often we get distracted by life and the pressures of prepping we forget about why we are doing this.

These are some of the essential products every prepper should have, as well as those we use and own:

1. Try to have at least two ways to filter water in case of power failure. I have a Berkley water filter system.  Calcium hypochlorite is another effective way to purify water. Cal-Shock 65 is my recommendation. 

2. Have At least two methods to cook food when there is no power. I have owned the StoveTec Rocket Stove for many years. Another version of a stove that is highly efficient and fuel-efficient, the Eco-Zoom stove weighs less than Stove-Tec. It will be a blessing to have other ways to cook food, even if energy prices rise, which is likely in the near future.

3. Essential bulk ingredients that have long shelf lives are essential. When you add different spices, herbs, and other ingredients to wheat, rice, or beans, they can last for many decades. Food shortages are occurring all over the world. Droughts in the U.S. are affecting food production. It’s possible that we will experience shortages, higher prices, or both.

4. Get and train with A firearm. I would strongly consider an AR15, shotgun, or a .22 rifle. This AR15 is a great choice for small game hunting and it is extremely affordable when it comes to ammunition. TRAINING IS CRITICAL. You may want to consider a shotgun or a .22. I like 22s because they are great for learning marksmanship skills and ammo is very affordable. Although you can easily upgrade to bigger guns, the skills that you learn with a.22 are transferable to larger caliber firearms.

5. Customized emergency kit. These kits are also known as Bug out Bags for quick escapes or 72-hour Kits for surviving for 72 hours alone. A Vehicle kit is recommended. This includes smaller kits for each family member and a larger one that contains everything the entire family will need, including extra food, an Emergency Toilet, and a Wind-up Radio.

6. An high-quality multitool, and an all-purpose Swiss Army Knife. You don’t need an entire survival kit to take with you wherever you go. But these two essential items should be in your pocket, glovebox, and wallet. Don’t spend too much on essential tools that could make the difference in survival.

7. Start a garden and store some non-GMO, heirloom seeds that will suit your climate zone. It’s possible to find expensive produce in difficult times. Although you can grow your own food, there is a steep learning curve. You should stock up on seeds that your family will enjoy. Because they aren’t genetically modified, heirloom seeds are more popular. Learn how to save seeds from season to season, regardless of what you buy.

8. Basic camping gear. This is essential in the event of an evacuation. In addition, you can use your survival skills to learn camping skills. Every member of the family should learn how to find the best camping spot, how you can pitch a tent, cook over a fire and enjoy the outdoors. For older people, a good tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. A camp stove and a tent are great basics to start with.

9. Store Cash. Although this is not a product, it can be a lifesaver in an emergency. You can set aside cash every month in smaller bills and keep it on hand in case you have to leave the house in an emergency. You will need enough money to cover 7 nights in a hotel, 3 to 4 gas tanks, and enough food to last a week.

10. A good survival library. You can get free survival guides online with a couple of searches. Try and test your skills using the guides at home.

While it doesn’t cost a lot to prepare for an uncertain future but it takes some planning, research, and preparation.

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