Insider Insights: Amazon’s Worries and the Economy (Video)

As someone that follows finance and economics, I found this video by Economic Ninja to be an eye-opener on what’s happening within Amazon and how it could impact the economy as a whole. It could be fake, but I don’t think “Economic Ninja” would do that. The Insider notes from a recent meeting shed light on various issues, from the REITs’ impact on sales to consumer slowdown online, and how it all ties in with the bigger picture of the economy.

The Economic Ninja is a YouTube channel that provides insights into finance, investing and economics. The channel is hosted by a finance expert who uses his knowledge and experience to analyze various economic trends and their impact on people’s lives.

Key Takeaways

  • The real estate sector is in trouble, with REITs and commercial units facing major challenges that will require years to resolve.
  • Amazon is concerned about losing trust in the financial system, with consumers hoarding cash and turning to gold and silver sales.
  • Consumer spending patterns are shifting, with people moving away from online shopping for wants and focusing on needs.

Step-by-Step Process

The video is a compilation of notes taken by an Insider at a recent Amazon meeting, discussing various issues that could impact the economy. While there are no specific steps to take, it is vital to understand the economic trends and be prepared for any potential fallout.

Resources Mentioned

  • REITs: Real Estate Investment Trusts allow investors to pool their money and invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate projects.
  • Commercial Units: Large buildings, such as malls and warehouses, that are designed for commercial use.
  • Venture Capital: Investment firms that provide funding to startups and other emerging businesses.
  • Gold and Silver Sales: The purchase of precious metals as a store of value or hedge against inflation.

Best Advice

Given the potential impact of these economic trends, my best advice is to stay informed and be prepared. Keep a close eye on the markets and invest wisely. Consider diversifying your portfolio with alternative investments, such as precious metals, real estate, or cryptocurrency. And above all, be cautious and mindful of any potential risks.


Q: Why is Amazon concerned about REITs? A: REITs are a significant part of Wall Street assets, and their performance directly impacts the economy. If REITs face major challenges, it could have a ripple effect on the economy.

Q: Why are consumers hoarding cash and turning to gold and silver sales? A: The loss of trust in the financial system has led consumers to seek alternative stores of value, such as precious metals. Hoarding cash is also a way to protect against potential economic fallout.

Q: What is the impact of consumer slowdown online? A: The shift from wants to needs means that businesses that rely on online sales for discretionary purchases could face challenges, potentially leading to layoffs and reduced revenue.

Q: What is the real estate ninja? A: The Real Estate Ninja is a YouTube channel focused on real estate investing and finance. The channel provides tips and insights for investors looking to make the most of their real estate investments.

Q: What is the Economic Ninja’s expertise? A: The Economic Ninja is finance, investing, and economics expert. The channel provides insights and analysis on various economic trends and their impact on people’s lives.

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