8 Ways to Save Money This Winter On The Homestead

Christian Homesteading – Why You Should Choose Homesteading As a Christian Lifestyle

Inexperienced homesteaders may choose to spend more time in town, or even lose their spouses to outside employment. Financial pressures can easily overshadow homesteading motives. Uncontrolled debt and unpaid obligations can damage one’s Christian faith. Here’s why you should choose to homestead as a Christian:

Christian homesteading is compatible with biblical principles

A Christian homesteader is a person who lives off the land, primarily in the country, but there are also some urban homesteaders. They are financially responsible, often embrace alternative energy, and depend less on the government. Many Christians live this way and it is a life that is compatible with biblical principles. Christian homesteaders depend on God, and on other believers, to care for the land and produce food.

A Christian homesteader honors God by giving a tithe and offering to the church. Children can be taught the importance of giving to God by placing an envelope in the offering plate each time it passes by. A Christian homesteader’s financial habits are closely observed by the rest of the world, so they need to live in accordance with God’s design. Keeping God’s principles in mind will attract others to Christ.

It is a family celebration

For many, homesteading is a family celebration, but you can also celebrate the milestones you’ve achieved. In the first year, you may have successfully raised your first flock of chickens, planted your first garden, harvested your first crops, or even made your very own homespun sweater. You may even have escaped fires or tough weather conditions and are now ready to celebrate with your family. Here are some reasons to celebrate your homesteading achievements.

It promotes financial responsibility

Homesteading is a lifestyle focused on achieving self-sufficiency, which may include growing your own food, producing your own electricity, and making fabric from scratch. While some people aspire to never use money and prefer to barter for everything, others are okay using some money and working for pay. Regardless of how you decide to live, homesteading can help promote financial responsibility. And, what’s better, than the opportunity to be your own boss?

Homesteaders tend to have a deeper connection with nature than city dwellers. Many homesteaders have gardens and grow seasonal produce, and contribute to local farmers’ markets. By cultivating their own food, homesteaders support local agriculture and reduce their dependence on expensive food. While the majority of homesteaders practice some type of personal finance, they aren’t necessarily financial experts. This is important because homesteaders aren’t likely to be wealthy and need a steady income to maintain the homestead.

It promotes virtuous work

Self-sufficiency is one of the primary goals of homesteading. Most of us have had some experience of being dependent on others, such as going hungry or having your utilities shut off because you did not pay your bills. It is a natural state of human nature to want to be as independent as possible. Homesteading is the perfect way to achieve self-sufficiency and increase your independence.

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